About Us

About us

Doug's World Limited is more than just a company - it's a family! Our lovable beagle mix, Douglas, inspired us to start creating high-quality pet replica jerseys. We wanted to give other furry family members the chance to join in on the sports action, just like Douglas does with his soft cotton vests and jumpers.

But Douglas isn't the only one in the family - we also have Jayjay, a rescue dog with a heart of gold, Juno the male cat who loves nothing more than to sleep and eat, and Zooey, the clever kitty who can open doors with ease. These pawbolous four are always ready to pose for the a selfie or video as long as they are paid with plenty of treats of course! 

In 2021, we were granted a license to create official GAA replica jerseys and have since expanded to partnering with football clubs in Ireland and the UK. We've also acquired licenses for Celtic FC, Football Association of Wales, Watford FC, and the Football Association of Ireland.

That's not all - we've also ventured into designing and manufacturing pet onesies to help relax nervous dogs and have become a popular alternative to cones after medical or surgical procedures. We also ensured that the bandanas can fit the size of the giant dogs and even donkeys!! 

Our vision is to be the leading and preferred pet apparel partner in by sports club in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and Australia. And our mission is simple: to include all furry fans in the game with the rest of the family.




Doug's Shirts is a product of Doug's World Limited. A company registered in Ireland. All designs are original and created in Ireland.