About Us

Hi everyone! My name is Douglas and welcome to our website. I like comfy clothes so I know my furry friends will like the collections we have here. I have 2 kitty sisters who also love the onesies and 2 kitty brothers who loves the shirts.

I make sure to let my Mam know if I don't like to wear them. I give a growl or two to signal my dis-appawval. I do try them all, check the quality. I am definitely involved. Check out my Instagram and behind the scenes! 

My Dad and Granda are both sports enthusiasts. We have to watch all sports on TV. Mom and Dad were just looking for something for me to wear to cheer for our team and could not find one! Can you believe it? I have to be one with our county team! When they made one for me, they decided to make it for all counties! Now everyone is included! So if you don't find your team in our collection, don't you worry, they can make it happen! Just reach out to us!