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Furry Fans Rejoice: Doug's World Collaboration With Your Sports Clubs

Due to paw-polar demand, Dougs World is proud to announce collaborations with different sports club in Ireland, UK and soon in Europe!

This partnership allows furry fans of these clubs to show their support in a unique and fun way by purchasing exclusive kit jerseys and bandanas designed specifically for each club.

The pet jerseys feature the club's traditional colours and crest, with a special twist, such as the inclusion of a paws front and back making sure that the fan base is well represented.  The bandanas, too, feature the club's colours and crest, but also include cute and playful designs that are sure to appeal the furry fans.

These exclusive items can be purchased online through the club's official website or in-store at the club shop. This partnership allows fans to express their love for their team while also showing off their furry pride.

This collaboration between Doug's Shirts and your sports clubs made sure that we create a unique and exciting products for the furry fans. It also shows how the furry community is included in the family fun when watching their favourite team. 

Overall, this partnership between Doug's Shirts and sports clubs is a win-win for both the clubs and the furry fans, providing a fun and unique way for fans to show their support for their favourite teams.

So don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to show off your team spirit and furry pride! These unique and fun designs will make you the envy of all your friends and fellow fans. Get your paws on these exclusive pet jerseys and bandanas today!

If your club has yet to have included our suppawtive fans, let them contact us and we will sure work with them to bring you their own line! Email us at

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